The Crew

We were an emerged family of me and my son plus my partner with her two kids we wanted to explore the world and spend more time together as a family while getting to places fewer people have visited plus of course all the other things people dream about exploring.

Like sitting in a nice café in New York, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Carnival in Rio, sitting in the hot Springs in Greenland, or watching a sunset or sunrise in Bali (I am sure you are getting the point) lots of places to visit and see.

I will be doing this with Friends, Family and while exploring the world at a much slower pace than having done in the past which was the usual 5 weeks of where you needed to visit family back home and then also find a place to spend 1-2 weeks for your holiday like a week in France, A State in the Us or Bali.

Being able to take your home with you and then take it as it comes so I can now take one area or place and really get the feeling of the place so the only Calendar we will have is for Insurance reason or haul outs

So basically, no places to be in a hurry and no place to go in a hurry unless you need to haul out your home and then spend some time on land.