Why Nidnoi

Lots of people have asked why did we choose the name Nidnoi and what is the meaning

Nidnoi Comes from Thai and means a little bit or small amount we choose this name because we believe each step in our trip will be a small step upon our journey to the end so each Archorange or each sail is a step towards the Goal and if you put this into your life philosophy than means each step in your life s a step towards you Goal.

And on top of this most countries, you will enter it will be fairly easy for them to type it and in case you need to spell it using the phonetic alphabet it is also fairly easy  so that is the main reason behind the name each  mile, each trip is a small step

However, our dinghy or Tender name is Suaq which means BIG which is Greenlandic

What have you called your boat and Tender and why did you choose these names

Future Blogs

Here you will be able to follow the process of buying investigation of option, Redesigning Layout Which will incl.

Investigation for

  • Hybrid setup.
    • Electric engines
      • Brands
      • Regen
    • Generators
      • Brands
        • Size
        • Fuel Usage
    • Navigation Setup
      • Brands
    • Safety Equipment
      • Personal Safety
      • Life raft
    • Boat surveillance
    • Boat monitoring  
    • Electric setup
    • Solar
    • DC power
    • AC Power
    • Heating and Cooling setup   
  • Who made it to the Final Choice
  • Cruising Plans